"A table with" series: the ultimate 2017 recipe with Vancouver Chef Felix Zhou [fr]

So you have your New Year’s recipe, but have you thought of the Day After? When you are either done with cooking for another year or have too much leftovers? Nobody asked but here is our answer: the January 1st #dayafter brunch recipe.

French gastronomy, a defining social practice- shared

As French people, gastronomy defines us to a great extent. The rise of international cuisines has not dulled France’s culinary reputation and “frisson” to the thought of a Gallic dish. Some recipes and ingredients used do share similarities with other countries’ and we noticed Vancouver’s Heritage Asian Eatery’s take on two French classics: duck and crêpes.

Because the social and sharing aspect is a quintessential trait of French gastronomy and meal times, we met with Chef Felix Zhou to learn more about his dish using two of France’s staples (watch the video below).

Born in the Hunan region, China, and raised in Vancouver, Chef Zhou explains that in Chinese cuisine, “any special occasions would be duck. It has a long history in China and is considered a luxury item in Asian cuisine.” So what better way to ring in 2017 than by enjoying this quick dish made of crêpes and duck: France with a Chinese twist? Bon appétit!

As easy as voilà

Here are the few easy steps to make the answer to French crêpes and the ultime #dayafter recipe.

The Consulate of France in Vancouver would like to thank Chef Zhou and his team for hosting us at Heritage Asian Eatery.

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- Did you know? France’s gastronomy has been listed on the UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage. Head to France’s National Tourism Agency Atout France to discover more on our defining social practice.

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