A new organization for the higher education and research system?

The President of the French Republic received, on Dec. 18th, the report concluding the Audiences for Higher Education and Research.

It was presented by Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, in the presence of Vincent Berger, general rapporteur of all members of this committee, and Genevieve Fioraso, Minister of Higher Education and Research.

This report contains important proposals for student success, to give a new ambition to research, to redefine the general organization of the higher education and research system at the local and national levels and to better highlight the activity of involved people.

Based on this report, the President asked Minsiter Fioraso to prepare a bill dealing with 4 objectives: better professional integration of students, to simplify the global organization of research and its evaluation, to facilitate the decompartmentalization between the “Grandes Ecoles”, Universities and Research Organizations, to reconcile efficacy and collegiality in universities authorities.

This bill will be submitted to consultation at the end of January, in order to be presented at the Council of Ministers in March 2013.

 The President affirmed the importance of research, innovation and higher education for the economic cultural and social development of France, for its influence in Europe and in the world, and the future of its youth.


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