A delegation representing France’s fashion industry in Vancouver

On November 30th, Ubifrance Canada, France’s agency for the international development of French companies, met with representatives of four French ready-to-wear brands in Vancouver: Dalmard Marine, Basus, Jagvi, and Nicorobe.

This was the final phase of a collective mission that began in San Francisco and continued on to Seattle.

These French companies came to Vancouver to showcase French fashion expertise.
These brand representatives showed off their creations and attended an information seminar with industry professionals in an exhibition held at the Bay department store.
They also met with logistics company NRI Distribution to gain a better understanding of the particular logistics involved in doing business in Canada. They also had the opportunity to explain their rates in greater detail before meeting with distributors and agents. Finally, the representatives were able to learn about consumer trends and the day-to-day operations of a ready-to-wear agency, thanks to a presentation by agent Lynn Maxam.

The morning’s events concluded with a presentation by Stéphane Ledoux, General Manager of the Bay location in Vancouver that hosted this event.


 The French brand representatives showed off their creations

The participants each met individually with key players in the clothing industry (boutiques, agents, and distributors) with the goal of spreading their brands to the Canadian West Coast.
This first fashion-industry collective mission to Canada’s West Coast offered these four French brands the opportunity to open up negotiations with a number of Canadian boutiques and agents.

The hospitality that these French representatives received was very encouraging and confirmed that there is definitely a market for French fashion in this region of Canada.

The market
In 2011, the clothing industry was a $22.9-billion market in Canada. The majority of leading French brands in this industry are well represented in the medium and upper ranges of the market. The Canadian ready-to-wear market reached a value of $13.8-billion in 2011, which represents an increase of 4.3% from its 2010 level.


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