A Canadian Premiere in Vancouver for French artist Guillaume Leblon [fr]

Guillaume Leblon modifies drastically space’s perception at the Contemporary Art Gallery.

Sculptor "new generation", Guillaume Leblon experiments diverse techniques and materials - sand, stone, wood, water, plaster, brass, clay ... - to create "landscapes" in an extremely elaborate staging. In this extension of the sculptural practice, the space itself becomes the first material. Guillaume Leblon uses salvage that allows him to link his practice and the passage of time, in facilities so charged with humanity and emotion, beyond a first conceptual sight.

Guillaume Leblon has presented works, among other places, at the MASSMoCA, USA; Institut d’Art contemporain de Villeurbanne, France; Santiago de compostelle, Spain; Biennale de Lyon, France.

Guillaume Leblon is represented by Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris.

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Dernière modification : 04/01/2018

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