7 French businesses will be present at OSCON- July 22-26,2013

Oscon will be organizing the 15th edition of the Open Source Convention in Portland in July 22-26. Ubifrance -Vancouver’s office-, in partnership with Paris Region Economic Development Agency, Cap Digital, Syntec Numerique and Systematic, will assist 7 French entities in a French Pavilion.

- LINAGORA www.linagora.com

LINAGORA is the leading french open source software and services company : 120 employees, offices in France, USA and Belgium. The biggest private investor in Open Source in France. Its solutions are used by over 50% of French state organizations (French Parliament, Ministries and Universities) and private companies (Orange, Alstom, Renault). Its two big R&D projects OpenPaaS and gSafe are partly financed by French gouvernment and aim to build the next generation software based on Cloud Computing.

Objectives: LINAGORA aims to present its solutions (OBM/LinShare) and its projects of next generation Open Source software for communication based on Cloud Computing (OpenPaaS/gSafe) to find partners and contributors.

- eNOVANCE www.enovance.com/en

Founded in 2008, eNovance is a “new generation” hosting and managed services company, pioneer in Open Source Cloud Computing and Multi-Cloud Management. eNovance is specialized in improving the end-user experience for web and mobile applications (high performance and high availability features), Big Data solutions (elasticity, reactivity, international distribution, performance, resilience), Cloud Computing (automatization, elasticity, “on-demand” services) and Open Source/Open Cloud environments.

Objectives: eNovance is interested in working with North American clients for their Web/Cloud or Big Data projects (infrastructure).


It’s a new kind of company: owned by hackers, designed as decentralized, responsible, actor for the social well-being. BEARSTECH brings platinum services to its clients: a 24/7 hackers hotline, Architecture and Cloud infrastructures consulting, Scalability tests and solutions. And because hotline & consulting are not enough, BEARSTECH generates projects, research for its clients, and for iself.

Objectives: BEARSTECH is looking forward to meeting Companies who are looking for partners to help them on the day to day operations (hosting, but especially architecture, sysadmin, hotline) for online services they are setting up in Europe. The company is looking for partners on our Project Factory, such as VCs, Business Angels.


Cloudwatt offers digital power available to small or large companies, private or public, French or European, providing efficient and innovative solutions for data storage and computing with a strong focus on security, transparency, reversibility, data location and associated cost.
Cloudwatt’s key mission is to revitalize the economical fabric, in particular SMB to help them modernizing their business and operating models in their own markets.

Objectives: Cloudwatt’s goal is to become one of main European cloud providers through a clear value proposition: security, low cost, user friendliness, transparency... through choices of OpenSource softwares (e.g. OpenStack). The company is in the process to have and moreover to help 60 Value Added Integrators by this year end in France.


TECLIB is an IT service and computer consultancy company specialized in open source technologies. We are based in Paris and have offices in Chartres, Caen, Colmar and Montpellier for a total of 25 employees.
Specialized in Free Open Source solutions, TECLIB supports its clients from the simple integration of a free software to complete outsourcing of its IT, also providing expertise on specific developments.
Devlib’ is the development entity of Teclib’. Its team provides expertise mainly on software architecture, around the Java J2EE platform. Devlib’s team leads the Kimios DMS project.

Objectives: We’re looking for new partners, contributors, and customers, around our solution : Kimios DMS. We are mainly targeting middle market companies of any sectors, by providing subscription package, support, training, and specific expertise around Kimios and Java technologies. We look forward to building business or technological partnerships on the US market.


Blue Mind is a software company which aims to provide the next generation of Open Source messaging and collaboration platform, built for the Cloud and on-premises.
Blue Mind offers a full featured messaging, shared calendars and contacts with mobility, outlook and thunderbird connectivity.
It focuses on simplicity leveraging the latest technologies such as a pluggable architecture, offline mode and user-centered design. With its responsive UI and offline web capabilities, without requiring any plugin, Blue Mind targets the best user experience avoiding client-side deployment.

Objectives: We plan to bring the Blue Mind solution to the USA market in 2014 so ours goals are ; to show the product to the more people we can (community, professionals, resellers, integrators,..) to see its reception and to discuss with (or find) potential interested partners / resellers.


Aquinetic is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is the emergence, fostering, promotion and development of a regional cluster of scientific, technical and industrial know-how on open innovation as well as on open source technologies. Aquinetic drives a network of companies, associations, universities, research institutes and local administrations that have interest in open source technologies. Its scientific and strategic committee comprises members of all of the aforementioned bodies. The committee evaluates projects and offers the expertise of its members to project leaders aiming at the creation of open source companies.

Objectives: Aquinetic expects to meet with company executives, investors and open source project leaders seeking to develop fruitful collaborations with the companies whose incubation is monitored by Aquinetic.

- Paris Region Economic Development Agency


The Paris Region Economic Development Agency (PREDA) works at boosting the Region’s worldwide influence through supporting the growth of businesses established in the Paris Region.
The Agency does this through the following initiatives:
• Attracting foreign companies and helping them to establish in the Paris Region
• Fostering the emergence of international business partnerships between businesses and/or academics
• Supporting international growth and the social and ecological transition of Paris Region businesses
PREDA has also offices in Boston, San Francisco, Shanghai and Tel Aviv.



The mandate of Ubifrance is to promote French exports and to assist French companies in establishing business and research partnerships abroad.

UBIFRANCE, the French agency for international business development, comes under the aegis of France’s Ministry for the Economy, Industry & Employment. With 77 Trade Commissions in 57 countries, UBIFRANCE lies at the heart of France’s public-sector export support framework.

For any further information or to set up appointments with these companies, please contact:
Ubifrance in Vancouver: Caroline BERGER – caroline.berger@ubifrance.fr – Tel: +1 604 639 0925

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