"34 Wonders of the World" exhibition at the Beaty Museum

The exhibition entitled “34 Wonders of the World” features 34 hotspots that explore worldwide biodiversity and has been inaugurated on the very international day for Biological Diversity, May 22nd, 2015 at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum.

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From left to right: Darren Irwin, director of the Beaty museum; Mathieu Leporini, Science and technology attaché at the French Consulate in Vancouver; Ross Beaty, founder of the Beaty museum

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Darren Irwin during the conference on May 22

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Founder of the museum Ross Beaty during his speech at the opening night

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From left to right: Jedediah Brodie, Deng Palomares, Mathieu Leporini, Jennifer Sunday, and Jamie Fenneman

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At the reception organized by the French consulate at the Beaty museum on the international day for biological diversity


The photographs by the world’s finest nature photographers particularly convey the threat caused by human activities into regions that concentrate most of the world’s biodiversity.

The rotating exhibition is at the Beaty Museum at UBC, British Columbia from May 22nd till December 2015. It has been outside the Paris offices of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for several months last year and has traveled to many other countries since.

On May 22nd, introductory remarks has been made by some UBC biodiversity researchers from 7pm to 8pm, featuring Jedediah Brodie, Deng Palomares, Jennifer Sunday and Jamie Fenneman. Museum founder Ross Beaty, and Museum Director Darren Irwin will host the event.

In partnership with the French Consulate of Vancouver, presented by Terre Sauvage, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, and the Nature Picture Library.

JPEG The Beaty Biodiversity Museum strives to inspire an understanding of biodiversity, its origins, and importance to humans through collections-based research, education and outreach. As Vancouver’s natural history museum, the museum work to promote a greater sense of collective responsibility for the biodiversity of British Columbia, Canada, and the world. The unique combination of world-class research, paired with beautiful, compelling exhibits, strives to make the research conducted at UBC more accessible to the public.

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