19th Annual European Union Film Festival [fr]

French star François Cluzet plays an “irreplaceable” country doctor in this gentle, winning, well-judged drama, the latest from physician-turned-director Thomas Lilti (whose hospital dramedy Hippocrates screened at The Cinematheque in 2015). Cluzet is middle-aged Jean-Pierre, who plays an important role in the rural community he serves. When he falls sick himself, it’s time to get help with his practice. Marianne Denicourt is Natalie, the new doctor brought in from the city. She’s not that much younger than Jean-Pierre, but she’s fresh out of medical school — and the two begin to butt heads. Both leads are superb. “A strongly observational character drama ... The film bristles with humour, mostly drawn from life, and illuminating moments of irony” (Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter). In French with English subtitles.

Irreplaceable: Saturday November 19th, 6:30 PM at the Cinémathèque.
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