Mandate of the cultural office

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    Arts and culture information per service organizations in France

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  • Mandate of the cultural office

    The cultural office of the Consulate general of France in Vancouver is in charge of developing cultural, educational and artistic relations and exchanges between France and Western Canada.

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  • “Our Ambitions for Cultural Diplomacy in the 21st Century”

    Article by Laurent Fabius and Aurélie Filippetti*, published in the Champs Libres pages of Le Figaro

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  • France’s cultural policy abroad

    The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs(French Ministry of Foreign Affairs) operates a vast network of French cultural departments and establishments abroad, working together to forge close links with local partners in pursuit of clearly defined objectives:

    - bringing French culture and the work of French artists to a wider audience around the world: France’s cultural network abroad organises some 50,000 cultural events a year;

    - building lasting networks, not just between creative artists but also between cultural policy managers, to respond to the demand from overseas artists and professionals.

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